South American Gaucho shown in banknote


Gauchos a traditional rancher, from  South America.  They are found in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

They are skilled horse riders, known to be fearless and running their game. The gaucho is a symbolic rambler in Argentina. Gauchos are esteemed, greatly aggrandized in fables, lore and became an identifying part of their local culture .

The gaucho mirrors the old style Cowboy (as in American cowboy) as far as ranchers.  In some research literatures, the gaucho is shown to be a mixed race man (from Spaniards and native Indians) that dwell in Argentina.

Gauchos are deft horseman, and experts in cattle.  They’re considered nomads and brave men.  Gauchos have an unique wardrobe, and are distinguishable from other type of “cowboy” culture.  From their unique hats to their sash, poncho, bandanna, boots, dagger (known as facón) to their trousers (called bombachas), they carry this particular flare of style that sets them apart.

Their dietary food primarily consists of beef, herbs, and their most preferred drink is yerba mate.

As great herdsman, horse riders, and great outback ranchers, they are upheld as aspiring figures.


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