Best of Banknotes

Welcome to Best of Banknotes website.  This site is dedicated in all things related to banknotes of the world.  The beginning of currency in relation to paper notes, promissory notes, legal tender or what became known as paper money.

Banknotes holds lots of power, it can be used for good or for bad, it is impartial.  It can also create or destroy, it is neutral.  Whichever way you view money, it shows an important feature; influence.   We as collectors are influenced, be it by art, information, or any other feature we find interesting.

Every banknote has a story to tell, this is where the wonder lies.  You can learn history, geography, culture, religion, politics, etc.  Discover the 7 seas, all of our 7 continents, the 7 wonders of the world, and whole lot more through banknotes.

Best of all, or the most fun aspect of this site is to showcase collections and albums.

Hope you enjoy your visit.

Interesting observations on banknotes

Banknotes are still used for all buying and storing. The more accumulated, the more value it holds. But, this value is only worth what the country says its worth. It shouldn’t be hoarded.

Financial institutions accumulate these banknotes for commerce, interchanges and to transfer a form of wealth from one place to another.

Paper money holds better value, due to few factors, the most important one is recognition. It has more validity and preference over cheques.

Banknotes or bills as sometimes referred to, are preferable to coins. Due to the less space and weight it takes, it is the popular form of money.