Best of Banknotes was created as a space for collectors and enthusiasts on all things related to banknotes.

The main purpose is to learn about the world.  Be it through art, history, geography, culture or religion, each banknote has a story to tell.

I began collecting banknotes out of curiosity and wonder.  My first banknotes were a cheap bundle that I purchased in a local coin shop.  They were not all that great looking, but they did have a story to tell.  For example, I had some small banknotes from Lithuania, Belarus and old USSR and they kind of look bland, but these banknotes depicted something I never knew.

Looking at the Lithuanian (1 Litas) from 1994, it showed an elderly woman looking somber and overworked.  My first impression was that she had a rough life,  for which the old Soviet rule took a toll on the nation, and it portrayed a real impoverished person.   But, oh boy was I wrong,  the lady pictured was a writer from that country, her name was Julija Zemaite.

lithuania 1 litas p53 1front lithuania 1 litas p53 2back

There were other banknotes that I came to collect that were inexpensive, these were my first venture into a new world that I didn’t think of.  It sparked my curiosity, brought fascination and thought me new things.  As time passed, my banknote collection became more intricate an beautiful, not to mention more expensive.

So, here I am wanting to share my banknote collection experience.  I hope that it will become a learning tool as we share knowledge, history and admiration.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.  Please visit the discussion forum, where we can share our love for banknotes, click here to join the conversation.


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