Banknote Printers

As part of a banknote design, some banknotes display the printers code, or the first letter of each word representing its printer company.

Below is a list of past and current banknote manufacturers.

For a list of countries with their respective currency, click here to view

Printer Code Printer Manufacturer Country of Origin
CMN Casa de Moneda de la Nacion Argentina
CSABB Compania Sud-Americana de Billetes de Banco Argentina
CdM- Casa de Moneda Argentina, Chile, Brazil
BABN British American Bank Note Co. Ltd. Canada
CBNC Canadian Bank Note Company Canada
BEPP Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Peking China
CBPM China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation China
CHB Chung Hua Book Co. China
CMPA Commercial Press China
CPF Central Printing Factory China
DTB Dah Tung Book Co. & Ta Tung Printing China
UPC Union Printing Co. China
UPP Union Publishers & Printers Fed. Inc. China
WPCo Watson Printing Co. China
IBB Imprenta de Billetes-Bogota Colombia
IBSFB Imprenta de Billetes-Santa Fè de Bogota Colombia
LN Litografia Nacional Colombia
BFL Barclay & Fry Ltd. England
BWC Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co. England
CS&E Charles Skipper & East England
DLR De La Rue England
H&S Harrison & Sons Ltd. England
NAL Nissen & Arnold England
P&B Perkins & Bacon England
PB&P Perkins, Bacon & Petch England
PBC Perkins, Bacon & Co. England
TDLR Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited England
W&S Waterlow & Sons Ltd. England
WWS W. W. Sprague & Co. Ltd. England
BF Banque de France France
FCOF Francois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire France
G&D Giesecke & Devrient Germany
HKB Hong Kong Bank Note Hong Kong
HKP Hong Kong Printing Press Hong Kong
HBPC Hungarian Banknote Printing Company Hungary
PERURI Peruri – Perum Percetakan Uang RI Indonesia
OCV Officina Carte-Valori Italy
ODBI Officina Della Banca d’Italia Italy
NPBJP National Printing Bureau Japan
B&S Bouligny & Schmidt Mexico
DAS Dar As-Sikkah Morocco
JEZ Johan Enschede en Zonen Netherlands
BSPP Bangladesh Security Printing Press Bangladesh
KOMSCO Korea Minting & Security Printing Corporation South Korea
FNMT Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre Spain
OFZ Orell Fussli, Zurich Switzerland
ABNC American Bank Note Company USA
CABB Compania Americana de Billetes de Banco USA
CBC Colombian Bank Note Co. USA
CCBB Compania Colombiana de Billetes de Banco USA
CNBB Compania Nacional de Billetes de Banco USA
CONB Continental Bank Note Company USA
EAW E. A. Wright USA
FLBN Franklin-Lee Bank Note Company USA
H&L Hoyer & Ludwig, Richmond, Virginia USA
HBNC Hamilton Bank Note Company USA
HLBNC Homer Lee Bank Note Co. USA
IBNC International Bank Note Company USA
JBNC Jeffries Bank Note Company USA
KBNC Kendall Bank Note Company, New York USA
NBNC National Bank Note Company USA
SBNC Security Bank Note Company USA
USBNC United States Bank Note Corporation USA

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