Showpiece and showcase world banknotes


Showpiece and showcase world banknotes. Photoshop .psd format.

Digital downloadable file.

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World banknotes can tell so much about any topic, such as culture, geography, history, politics, religion and many other subjects.  It can be a conversation starter, a talking piece, or even an ice breaker.  People can relate when it comes to money, we all use it one way or another.  What a better way to show your friends, family, students, or audience a banknote, through a showpiece form.

Digital file available in Photoshop form, .psd format.  It contains 5 background patterns (see below), you can change colors, background colors.  You can use any font you wish.  The fonts used as displayed are Vollkorn Regular and World Currency.

banknote replica 10x8 pattern 1
banknote replica 10×8 pattern 1
banknote replica 10x8 pattern 2
banknote replica 10×8 pattern 2
banknote replica 10x8 pattern 3
banknote replica 10×8 pattern 3
banknote replica 10x8 pattern 4
banknote replica 10×8 pattern 4
banknote replica 10x8 pattern 5
banknote replica 10×8 pattern 5



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