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Aborigine illustrated in banknotes


When you hear the word Aborigine, what usually comes to mind?  I was taught that Aborigines are people native to Australia, but this is partly a misstatement.  The word itself is a compound word with Latin origin, meaning ab (from) origine (origin).  It can also mean, original inhabitants from the earliest times.

Aborigine people or race is mostly found in Australia, expanding from Queensland to Tasmania and parts of Oceania. Doing some research, Aborigines are also found in Canada (indigenous Canadians), and from Taiwan (Taiwanese Aborigine).  Some studies and researches show that their origins expands from Africa, India and South Asia.

The Aboriginal Australia, known to be called by the British after they colonized  it in 1788, referred to all its inhabitants during that time.


australia 10 dollars p28 2back

On the 10 Australia Dollar note (shown above), it illustrates an Aborigine native man, artifacts and body art.  On the obverse, it shows voyage from English Captain James Cook to Australia.  Before his time, voyagers sailing to this island named it  Terra Australis Incognita “unknown southern land“.

Do you know of any type of great people that are depicted in banknotes?  Do you want to share your findings and knowledge of?  You can share what you know and discuss by going into our discussion forum.

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