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Nikola Tesla greatest inventor of all time. Nikola Tesla a Croatian born inventor from the mid 1800’s. He was a genius, an electrical, mechanical engineer, a trailblazer who was best known for his improvement to the  modern alternating current (AC) supply in terms of electricity. His place of birth was the old Austrian Empire, which […]

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Pallas Athena Greek Deity Symbol of Wisdom 5 (4)

Pallas Athena Greek Deity Symbol of Wisdom, Warfare and Craft Athena or known as Pallas, is an ancient Greek deity (goddess) related with warfare, wisdom, and craft.  She also became distinguished with the Roman goddess Minerva.  Athena was attributed as the protector of  Greece, in particular, the city of Athens, from which her name is[…..]

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Apsara Female Spirit of the Clouds and Water 5 (1)

Apsara a Female Spirit Apsara, a spirit of the clouds and water, for the Hindu and South East Asian cultures. It is figured as a female entity,  normally seen in sculptures, paintings and in folk tales, in the Western world, they’re considered as fairies, or nymphs.  While represented in art, it is usually shown in[…..]

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Catherine Elizabeth McAuley  was an Irish catholic sister, who started the religious order of The Sisters of Mercy in 1831.  The nobility of teaching religion, as well as literature has been attributed to catholic sisters, as they taught not only to Catholics, but also to Protestants.  This was the norm during those times (in 1800’s),[…..]

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Gauchos a traditional rancher, from  South America.  They are found in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. They are skilled horse riders, known to be fearless and running their game. The gaucho is a symbolic rambler in Argentina. Gauchos are esteemed, greatly aggrandized in fables, lore and became an identifying part of their local culture . The gaucho[…..]

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When you hear the word Aborigine, what usually comes to mind?  I was taught that Aborigines are people native to Australia, but this is partly a misstatement.  The word itself is a compound word with Latin origin, meaning ab (from) origine (origin).  It can also mean, original inhabitants from the earliest times. Aborigine people or race[…..]

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Ruminahui head Chief General of Quito, Ecuador 5 (1)

Ruminahui a/k/a Rumiñahui, a/k/a Ruminawi, was Ecuador’s head Inca Chief. Rumiñahui comes from Quechua language (ancient Inca language) that mean rumi (stone), ñahui (face or eyes).  So he is depicted as the stone face native warrior. Rumiñahui was Atahualpa’s general stationed in Quito (Ecuador’s capital).  While the rule on Inca empire extended from parts of[…..]

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Iraq, home of famous Babylon city in ancient times was a “mecca” for the beginnings of many beliefs, folklore and deities.  Its roots stands from biblical time, even as far back as the book of Genesis from the Torah, or Old Testament from Christian bibles.   As recorded in that book, the tower of babel was[…..]


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Icons in banknotes are not often regarded. I’m not talking the easily recognizable icons that a banknote can hold, but the obscure ones, you know the ones that are not much information on. I would like to first begin with the definition of icons. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word Icon as a sign (such as a word[…..]